7 Reasons to Build a Career in Machine Learning

7 Reasons to Build a Career in Machine Learning

Everyone in the field of technology is talking about machine learning these days. This technology is being used almost everywhere, right from the smartphones that we always carry around to industrial automation. Machine Learning is a specialised tech of artificial intelligence. This emerging technology focuses on making machines work without human intervention. In other words, machine learning is about making machines learn from data and self-develop.

This incredible tech is finding applications in various domains and industries, from agriculture to finance. With such a huge scope for career growth and development, now is the right time to start a career in machine learning. To cater to the increasing demand for ML professionals, many training institutes are offering an intensive machine learning course in Bangalore. But before you join any of the machine learning certification courses, you need to know the top reasons to pursue a career in this domain.

Why Pursue a Career in Machine Learning in 2020?

Machine Language is the tech of the future

This advanced technology is here to stay for many more years to come. The ML applications that we have designed and developed so far have barely scratched the surface of this incredible technology. The wide scope and range of ML services are definitely going to see an increase in the future.

You get to work on real challenges

If you are analytical and have a curious bent of mind, then you will surely enjoy working in the field of Machine Learning. As an ML engineer, you need to work on real-life challenges and find solutions. Identifying the problem and finding technological solutions to the problems will feel very satisfying. Even better is that, your tech solutions may help business improve their profit margins, deliver better quality services/products, and help improve process productivity.

It’s a continual learning curve

The field of machine learning is relatively new, which means there is a huge chasm that still needs to be explored. There are new algorithms to be coded, challenges to be addressed and applications to be designed. So, you need to continually learn and improve yourself. Apart from ML core concepts and coding, you also need to learn about the industry in which you want to work.

Your career growth will be off the charts

Machine Learning domain is still in its infancy stages. If you enter this domain at this time, you will be able to quickly rise up the career ladder. Also, there is a huge demand for qualified and experienced ML professionals in all industries including healthcare, cybersecurity, manufacturing, marketing, and more. So, you can choose to grow vertically or sidestep into a different industry if you have the requisite background and experience and develop your career.

You’ll find plenty of career opportunities

The career prospects for certified machine learning professionals are excellent. After completing a machine learning course, a fresher can join an organisation at the entry level. Experienced professionals, on the other hand, can find job opportunities in mid and senior level job profiles based on their experience, background and expertise. As more and more industries start using ML-based solutions, career opportunities will keep increasing.

You can explore other domains in Data Science

If you want to re-chart your career path, you can start exploring the other domains in data science. You can choose to work as a data scientist or learn deep learning to become a DL engineer or neural network professional. There are plenty of options that you can explore to expand your career path.

The salary is great

Certified machine learning professionals can expect quite high salary packages. ML is a niche domain and requires highly skilled professionals who have the right blend of technical expertise and industry experience. If you have the right skillsets and qualification, you can definitely expect top-of-the-range salary packages when you work in this field.

Machine Learning Courses & Certifications for 2020

There are many advantages to enrolling in a machine learning course in Bangalore. The course curriculum will include the basics of coding, ML concepts and machine learning tools. Also, you will earn a certification that will help you stand apart from the other applicants. A major benefit is that the intensive training course will give you the knowledge, expertise and confidence to work in this domain.

What Does the Career Path in Machine Learning Look Like?

After you complete a machine learning training in Bangalore, you can join a company as an ML engineer. With experience, you can earn a promotion to the role of an ML architect. Based on your background qualification, you may also get job roles such as ML software engineer, senior architect or ML data scientist. You can rise to management positions from these roles. However, if you are interested in hands-on work, you can choose to specialize in probability and statistics, system design, ML algorithms and libraries, and data modelling.

How Corpnce Helps Build Your Machine Learning Career Path?

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If you are interested in building a career in machine learning, take the first step by enrolling in our machine learning training in Bangalore. Contact us for more details.