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before selecting data science

Data science is a popular course among working professionals and engineering students. In this article, we are going to discuss the prerequisites before joining professional data science courses. Questions every student and professional should ask himself before selecting a data science course.

What is the motivation to learn data science?

Data science is popular for a lot of reasons and tempts students from different domains. The reasons are manifold, but most commons are good salary, AI is the future, my friend suggested to me, doing MS in data science, want to create an AI start-up, job switch, etc. Stop! Before selecting a data science course you need to ask a few questions yourself. If you are thinking of joining data science just for salary or your friend is working in the field and getting a better package, it’s time to rethink. There are a lot of technologies that pay well, easy to learn, and are easy to land a job compared to data science, then why struggle? If you are excited about data science by watching Ads by Virat Kohli or donkey in the truck, then again, why sir? Everyone is not fit for every course and not everyone can land high salaries as advertised! Let me tell you the reality. It is a hard journey. You need to master 10 different topics before you can call yourself a data scientist. You can get more information on expectations from data scientists here. So before deciding the topic, start to learn at least some basics and see if you can comprehend anything or it excites you as a topic. Passion plays a very important role in long-term success and happiness. Motivate yourself by asking candid questions like if you really want to do it or is it something that you can breathe day in day out. Once you decide to work in technology, you must do it 10 hours a day, 5 days a week! Can you survive this pressure without any attachment or passion? It is like the wedding of two enemies. So, think again. Don’t go by advertisements and find out why you really want to do it, if you have a genuine motive, welcome to the club.

Are you aware of the programming?

Programming is no child’s play and needs serious dedication and determination to master. It can take any time between 1 to 4 months to just get started! And here is the shocker, some students want to be data scientists without learning to code! Computer science is an integral part of the course. Open YouTube or any medium you are comfortable with and at least learn the basics of programming before jumping to data science. No, you can’t become a data scientist without programming rather you need to be good at it. Only 5% of the industry knows to code anyways. Learn Python, it’s the most popular programming language for AI. Honestly, I don’t think you need to worry about R or Python or Julia since companies are least bothered about it. They need the work, and you are free to choose any programming language you like. Go to hacker rank or any other coding channels to test your programming skills. Comfortable solving those challenges? Congrats a battle is won.

The picture is not that rosy as shown!

A lot of companies advertise how so many data science openings are present in India and US, and there are no talents available. Well, something to take with a pinch of salt. In a city like Bengaluru, almost every training company has data science hoarding and no doubt tons are trained in it. Then why there is this gap? Why those openings are not filled? Companies that are hiring for data science roles are of two types, service-based and product-based. Both these types can be divided into start-ups and large corporates. Product-based large corporates do not prefer freshers due to lack of experience. Coming to start-ups irrespective of product or service they need skilled professionals which you will not get in 98% of trained freshers. So only left-outs are service-based large corporates where you can ask your friends and uncle to give reference and maybe with a bit of luck you will be selected. Assuming AI is a fairly new domain we can say that most of the applications will be developed by start-ups, your knowledge plays a very important role in the majority of openings. This indicates if these jobs never filled up means there is a gap between true data science requirements and training. It takes around 7 to 8 months minimum to learn a proper data science course whereas, most of the courses are designed to cheat people and complete the course in only 3 months. The worst is the online courses, where the students end up paying lakhs and learn close to nothing. So, what to do? How to find your dream data science job? Well, it starts with learning and validation. Learning includes everything that makes you confident for end-to-end design and deployment and validation are internships and projects before jumping to actual jobs. Find a company that can help you with that.

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