Data Science Vs Data Analysis Vs Machine Learning

Data Science Vs Data Analysis Vs Machine Learning – Which Course is Best for You?

Businesses around the globe are facing the heat of using data and information to make smarter and informed decisions. They find that data analytics helps in more effective process management, recruitment, and customer relationship management. Companies have discovered numerous benefits in using data science and its applications. It has led to a demand for data science professionals. However, data science is a huge domain with many specialisations and branches. So, professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in this domain may get a little confused about whether to explore the data science courses in Bangalore or check out machine learning courses in Bangalore.

In this blog, we will explore data science and machine learning courses and the career opportunities in these domains.

Data Science Courses

A data science course teaches you all the Big Data concepts, tools, and applications required to identify, classify, and sort data to obtain information. A data science course can help you kick start your career in this field. It will also be useful if you want to specialise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, deep learning, or other specialisations later. You will learn the basics of data wrangling, data visualization and predictive analytics in this course. Your career path in this field will depend on your technical knowledge and industry experience.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a specialised branch of Data Science. When you join a machine learning course, you will learn all about speech recognition, Python, natural language processing, computer vision, reinforcement learning, and ML algorithm. It is best to do a basic course in data science before signing up for a machine learning training program. Some data science courses in Bangalore are giving full stack training that includes machine learning and deep learning.

Data Scientist

After you complete your data science course, you can look for data scientist job opportunities. As a data scientist, your responsibility lies in identifying and collecting relevant data. You should also be able to use the right tools to classify, sort, and collate data into relevant fields to gain information. The role of a data scientist is inclusive of a mathematician, computer scientist, and business trend spotter. So, a data scientist needs to have extensive knowledge of the business as well as the data science tools.

Machine Learning Engineers

A data scientist analyses data to find insights and information. A machine learning engineer tries to find ways to use this information to build self-learning machines and devices. In short, a data scientist finds solutions for humans while the ML engineer can build intelligent machines. Machine learning engineers can find work in companies such as Accenture, Bank of America, Google, IBM, Databricks, and similar firms. There are also many start-up firms that specialise in machine learning solutions and applications.

The career track of an ML engineer depends on the background and specialisation. You can choose to be an NLP scientist, business intelligence developer, Human-centred Machine Learning designer, robotics engineer, or deep learning engineer.

Data Analysts

Data analytics can be described as a specialisation of data science. A data analyst analyses the raw data and prioritizes what needs to be analysed. He/she decides which algorithms and formula to use to derive the information. The tasks of a data analyst involve collecting, collating, and sorting raw data. It also involves finding patterns and trends in the data and interpreting the data.

Career Track in Data Science Vs Data Analysis Vs Machine Learning


Data Science

Data Analysis

Machine Learning

PrerequisitesData Modelling, Statistics, Mathematics, Python or R programming, Visualisation, BI, Database management skillsMathematics, Statistics, Data Wrangling, Python or R programming, Visualisation, Database cleaning, data visualisation tools, Data modelling, data intuitionMathematics, Statistics, Probability, Data Wrangling, Python or R programming, Visualisation, System Design, ML algorithms
Soft SkillsPresentation skills, logical thinking, business acumen, analytical thinkingBusiness acumen, presentation skills, logical thinking, analytical skillsCognitive thinking, logical thinking, presentation skills, analytical skills, critical thinking
Topics Covered in CourseIntroduction to Data Science, Difference between data science and data analytics, statistical thinking, machine learning, data visualisation, emerging technologies in data scienceData science and analytics, statistics and probability, visualisation tools, scalable AI, machine learning, concepts of NLP, computer visionProbability theory, linear algebra, linear regression, neural networks, Undirected Graphical Models, clustering, statistical decision theory
ToolsPython, R, ML librariesExcel, Python, SQL, TableauPython, Java, Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Perl
Job TitlesData Scientist, Market Analyst, BI Expert, Data Engineer, Data Architect, Financial AnalystBusiness Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, corporate strategy analyst, sales analyst, web analyst, fraud analyst, credit analyst, social media data analystMachine Learning Engineer, Human-Centred Machine Learning Designer, NLP Scientist, ML Expert
Business GoalIdentify new business opportunities, questions and find ways to identify solutionsAnswer business questions requested by stakeholdersDesign and build data applications and ML prototypes

Machine Learning and Data Science Courses at Corpnce

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