Deep Learning Training in Bangalore, Rajajinagar
Deep Learning Training in Bangalore, Rajajinagar

Hands-on Deep Learning Training in Bangalore

Deep Learning has seen exponential growth in last few years due to its high accuracy in image classification and natural language understanding. In contrast to the rumour that Deep Learning is intimidating; Corpnce’s simple and structured Deep Learning course in Bangalore will help demystify all the advanced concepts at ease. Our course is taught by qualified experienced professionals, who are among India’s best Deep Learning researchers and have years of experience in conducting workshops in multiple MNCs. You will learn programming skills like Python OOP, PyTorch, Tensorboard and Keras in detail in our Deep Learning training in Bangalore. Since we follow project-based learning, you will team with other learners to solve real life Deep Learning problems, which will help you create the essential critical thinking and team building required for industry. You will master the concepts like Artificial Neural Networks, CNNs, RNNs, Image recognition, NLP, NLG and NLU with our Deep learning Course in Bangalore.

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is a specialised subset of Machine Learning. This technology teaches computers and machines to mimic human behaviour and learn from them accurately. A successful deep learning application might need huge volume of labelled data and humungous computing power but with new research, we can apply techniques like transfer learning and get state of the art result even with less data. This is one of the main reasons of popularity for deep learning.

A few examples of Deep learning are driverless cars, voice-controlled devices like MG cars, and home-assistance devices like Alexa etc. Deep learning applications are used to identify images captured by satellites. Today this technology is used in detecting new planets to fight Corona and cancers.

Some of the famous deep learning models are:

  • CNNs
  • GANs
  • YOLO
  • Elman Networks
  • LSTMs
  • Seq2Seq with attention
  • BERT
  • Etc.
Deep Learning Training in Bangalore, Rajajinagar
Deep Learning Training in Bangalore, Rajajinagar

Who can Learn Deep Learning?

Reports from IBM and Forbes magazine confirm that Deep Learning is among the world’s top 5 technologies that will continue to grow for the next 10 years! Deep Learning applications are not limited to software industry, we can find its application in all kinds of sectors, from marketing to manufacturing and from healthcare to space research. So, doing a Deep Learning course in Bangalore will greatly enhance your career as Bangalore is the start-up and IT research hub.

Trained and certified Deep learning professionals can expect 40 to 100% increment in salary.

The prerequisites for joining our Deep Learning training in Bangalore are knowledge of data science basics, Python programming and fundamentals of Machine learning. The following professionals can join our Deep Learning institute in Bangalore:

  • Professionals and start up founders
  • M.Tech and PHD students
  • Data administrators
  • Software professionals
  • Computer science professors
  • Data engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Computer engineers
  • Database administrators

Deep Learning Course in Bangalore

Deep Learning Training in Bangalore, Rajajinagar


This Course Offers:

  • Classroom coaching (offline)
  • Master the course in 180 days
  • 150+ Hours of Course material
  • Individual mentoring
  • Project Based Learning
  • Instructors from top industries or premiere universities
  • Bonus-Learn basics of Python and Data Science
Deep Learning Training in Bangalore, Rajajinagar

Deep Learning Fundamentals - Syllabus


Improving Deep Neural Networks
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Introduction to deep learning
  • Neural Networks Basics
  • Shallow neural networks
  • Deep Neural Networks


Improving Deep Neural Networks
  • Practical aspects of Deep Learning
  • Optimization algorithms
  • Hyper-parameter tuning, Batch Normalization and Programming Frameworks


CNNs : Convolutional Neural Networks Sequence Models
  • Recurrent Neural networks
  • Natural Language Processing & Word Embedding
  • Sequence models & Attention mechanism


  • Foundations of Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Deep convolutional models: case studies
  • Object detection
  • Special applications: Face recognition & Neural style transfer

Why you should take Deep Learning certification in Bangalore from Corpnce?

    Corpnce is one of the few institutes that offer deep learning courses with placement in Bangalore. We assure you 100% placement assistance in some of the top companies in the domain. However, you need to understand that the placement will depend on your performance in the projects and interview.

    Another reason that makes Corpnce one of the best institutes for deep learning in Bangalore is our proactive and practical training methodologies. Our curriculum is project based, which will help you apply your learnings in real-time cases. Last batch people design a task oriented dialogue system, which is first of its kind in India. Also, all our classroom sessions are held during the weekends, so it is easy for both students and professionals to attend. We also maintain a minimal count of trainees for each batch so the trainers can provide individual mentoring for each student.

    Take the first step to chart a career in the domain of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Enrol in Corpnce today.

Deep Learning Training in Bangalore, Rajajinagar

Corpnce Offers Project- based Classroom Learning By Industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can enrol for both weekday and weekend classes. Call us to know the schedule for next batches. We usually start a new batch in every 15 days.

The duration of our Deep Learning course in Bangalore is usually 3 months or 70 hrs. We don’t compromise with the quality of teaching and make sure to complete the course on time.

Deep Learning is an advanced concept and needs the understanding of programming languages like Python and Machine Learning models. But if you want to be a successful DL engineer, then we suggest you take up our Deep Learning training in Bangalore after completing the Data Science course offered by Corpnce.

You need to have a good understanding of Python and basics of Machine Learning. Knowledge in TensorFlow is a bonus.

Yes, we strongly believe that you should be placed in the industry as you complete our course. to make you industry ready, we follow pbl and guide you through the process of current vacancies, stats, soft skills and interview questions. we will also help you find the right companies, depending on the projects you have completed. a paid option is also available for interested candidates.

Professionals and start-up founders in different job functions or industries who want to leverage their career in AI. MTech and PHD students can join our course. Professional who can benefit by our Deep Learning training in Bangalore are database administrators, business analysts, Founders, CS professors, researchers, computer scientists and data engineers.

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 by Askhay Rao

After some research, I decided to join Corpnce to learn Deep learning as some of my colleagues had good opinion about this institute.This was one of the best learning center which has good facilities in terms of training, support and placement. The trainers were very helpful in helping me understand the basics of Python and data science.

 by Saroj Singh

This is the best place to learn deep learning program, awesome environment and very helpful people who encourage you in every step.


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