How Does Data Science Certification Help?

Fast Track Your Career with a Data Science Certification

Data Science is one of the most “happening” technologies in the modern world. The applications of Data Science are numerous and range a wide spectrum of domains and industries. From healthcare distribution solutions to research, data forms the foundation of many processes and products. And this meaningful and insightful data is obtained by data scientists and data analysts. Therefore, there is a large scope and huge need for certified and qualified data science professionals. Graduates and working professionals who wish to build their career in this emerging field can join a Data Science course in Bangalore and upskill themselves.

A Brief History of Data Science

All industries have been using data in some form or the other to streamline processes and make informed decisions. However, all the methods were created on-need basis and were not standardized. In the initial stages, data analytics was used to detect banking frauds. However, by 2008, a lot of companies realised the importance of data analytics and the need for qualified data scientists and data analysts. In 2009, Hal Karen, UC Berkeley professor and chief economist at Google, spoke about how the demand for data scientists will increase in the future in his article that was published by McKinsey. There has been a growing demand for data analysts and data scientists over the last decade or so. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics has predicted that the growth of data scientists will be around 27.6% by 2026.

What is Data Science?

Data Science involves the use of statistical and analytical methods to collect, sort, analyse, and interpret data. Data scientists have the skills and expertise to make sense of huge volumes of data and mine information from the data. This data can be used to understand customer sentiments, identify process gaps, find reasons for quality issues, check out processes and products that work best and lots more. Data science solutions are used across all industries, from manufacturing and healthcare and across all verticals, from supply chain management to quality assurance.

What Does a Data Scientist Do?

The key responsibility of a data scientist is to gather the huge volumes of data from different sources based on the purpose and business goal. They need to process, analyse, and interpret data and help the stakeholders create actionable decisions based on the data insights. They should be able to breakdown the data insights into the context so the stakeholders get a clear picture to make informed decisions.

Essential Skills for Data Scientists

The most essential skills required for a data scientist are:


Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the collection, sorting, interpretation, and analysis of large volumes of data. An in-depth understanding of descriptive statistics will help you effectively apply data science tools.

Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading

A data scientist needs to know how to extract data from different types of databases and transform it into the right format depending on the kind of process and then load it into the data warehouse.

Outline Business Targets

It is essential for data scientists to have a clear view of the business goals and targets. Plus, they need to have an expert understanding of the industry and business process. They need to bring in all this expertise when they analyse and interpret data.

Identify Data Needs

A skilled data scientist should be able to differentiate between important data and chaff. They should be able to sort through thousands of bits of data to find the right kind of data they need based on the business process and goals.

Tools and Techniques

A data scientist needs to be knowledgeable about data science tools and techniques such as Excel, MySQL, MongoDB, SAS, and lots more. They should know the right tool to use to get the right kind of information.

Testing and Validation

Testing and validation help ensure that the data science methods and tools are effectively used and are providing relevant results. The process needs to be continually evaluated to ensure there are no mishaps or quality drops.

You can enrol in a Data Science training in Bangalore to learn the essential skills to become a skilled in-demand data scientist.

Why Become a Data Scientist?

In the coming years, we are sure to see an increasing demand for data scientists. It’s not just the technology companies that are leveraging data science applications, but other industries as well. Oil and gas, manufacturing, pharma and healthcare, e-commerce, and lots of other industries are also using data science applications and solutions. Therefore, there will be a good scope for career development. Even if you come from a non-computer science background, you can learn the essentials of coding, join a Data Science course and build your career in this domain.

How to Become a Data Scientist?

Whether you’re a graduate or a working professional interested in charting a career in the field of data science, these steps can help you accelerate your career growth:

Get a Degree

Join a Data Science training program in Bangalore and learn from the experts. The training institutes will give you practical training in the tools and technologies.

Enrol in a Boot camp

Online bootcamps are intensive training programs where you get to apply your theoretical knowledge of data science in practical applications. A bootcamp will give you the confidence to work on projects in real time.

Learn on the Job

The best way to learn is on the work floor. Once you complete your data science training in Bangalore, you could get placed in any of the top companies. You can learn from the others in your team, your lead, manager, and others in the organisation.

 Teach Yourself

The field of data science is continually growing and evolving. So, to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to continually improve and develop yourself. Join online courses, learn new data science tools and technologies. Continuous learning can help your career development.

Data Science Training in Bangalore

Data Science consists of many disciplines such as coding, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, statistics, probability, and lots more.


Python is one of the most popular languages used for coding data science algorithms. R is also used to code many data science applications.

Machine Learning and AI

These two technologies can be described as subsets of data science. They are specialised technologies that focus on automation of processes and building self-learning machines.

Data Visualization

Data visualisation is used to picturize data into formats that will make it easy for the stakeholders to understand the big picture as well as the details. It will help them make informed decisions.

Big Data Frameworks

Hadoop and Apache Spark are Big Data frameworks that help data scientists efficiently sort and maintain huge volumes of data sets and repurpose it for different applications.

How Corpnce can help build your Data Science career path

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