how to get a job in data science in India with no prior experience

How to Get a Job in Data Science in India with no Prior Experience?

Data science combines statistics and computer science to offer unique data-related solutions for business and other organisations. It is one of the most coveted jobs with highly lucrative remunerations.

Many young data enthusiasts wish to begin their career in this exciting field but are unsure of the first steps they need to take as they don’t know how to get a job as a data scientist?

Students from MTech, Engineering, MCA, BCA, Medical, Statistics, and Finance backgrounds with a fundamental knowledge of statistics, mathematics and programming languages can enroll for Data science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning courses.

Are you wondering how to get a data science job as a fresher?

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There are a few things you can do to make the best use of the first opportunity that comes your way. You can begin by asking yourself the following questions:

Do I have knowledge of the latest data science tools and techniques?


knowledge of latest technologies in data science

Having the right Data Science skills can improve your chances of being hired by top companies. The lessons you learn at university may not be updated as per the latest industry trends. Knowledge of current and relevant skills is essential for working on real-time projects.

So, it can be helpful for you to acquire coding skills in Python, R, SQL, or Java. Python is the most preferred language in this industry. The dynamically typed language has libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, etc. that are used for solving complex problems.

Learning Python can give you a huge advantage while searching for jobs. It also makes it easy for you to learn other languages that are used by the organisations.

How to learn data science through other sources?

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For a detailed and in-depth understanding of data coding, analysis, etc., you can refer to data science books written by eminent authors like Charles Wheelan, Jeroen Janssens, Murtaza Haider and more.

If you prefer an interactive learning experience, you can enroll for online courses or webinars. These courses usually offer a curriculum featuring the latest topics in the world of Data Science. So, you can get to learn a range of topics that may not be covered in your university syllabus.

Most of these courses are priced fairly, which makes it beneficial for students. You can explore Corpnce’s Data Science and Machine Learning Course for expert training in concepts like data wrangling, data exploration, data visualisation data accumulation, and predictive data modelling.

How can I sharpen my skills to work on real projects?

work on real time projects in data science

As you begin to acquire knowledge through the above-listed options, you will gain the confidence to work on mini-projects. All you need is an Idea! The projects could feature concepts such as interactive data visualisation, EDA, data cleaning, machine learning etc.

You can start work on your project with coding and slowly build your way up. There are many tools and platforms like GitHub that can be used to gain practical skills. Since most of these tools are free, you can use them and create mini projects while you study.

Having a creative data science project portfolio can help you showcase your skills to recruiters and demonstrate your ability to work with the tools and techniques.

There are many online forums that can answer queries and help you overcome the challenges you may face while working on the project. Alternatively, you can get the help of a mentor who can spend time with you and teach you the various concepts you are interested in.

How can I find and apply for Data Science jobs?

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Beginning your career with a highly established company can be rewarding when it comes to salary, career growth etc. But you will have more opportunities to learn if you choose to join a medium-sized company.

Most of the budding data science professionals acquire a wide range of skills through their first job at a medium-sized company.

When compared to large companies, the senior professionals here can be approached more easily. This makes it convenient for you to clarify your doubts, discuss various aspects and also gain guidance on how to chart your career in this field.

Once you have decided on the type of company you wish to join, you need to create the perfect resume and cover letter. Make sure to keep your resume relevant by highlighting your data science skills, knowledge of coding languages, and the mini projects you have worked on.

Corpnce offers placement assistance and in-house internships to the brightest students. So, after completing the data science course, you can find your dream job or get an opportunity to intern with them.

The experts at Corpnce will also guide you about your questions regarding how to get into data science career.

Following the above-listed points can give you the confidence to attend any job interview.

Practice is key. Working on your mini-projects and solving problems on your own can give you the knowledge and experience to answer all the basic data science-related questions.

Sign up for a Data Science course in Bangalore at Corpnce and you no longer need to worry about how to get a data science job with no experience!