Key Data Science Technologies: What to Be Curious About in 2021

Innovative thinkers and thought leaders have always focused on the importance of data in decision making. In the early days, manual methods were used to evaluate the data obtained from different sources. Warehouse managers would have their staff check the availability of items to cross check with the items that were dispatched or items, which were brought in. Similarly, project managers asked their teams to give daily status reports to evaluate the progress. Such cumbersome processes laid the foundation of highly detailed and advanced Data Science technology.

Data Science involves the use of algorithms and curated software applications to analyze millions of bits of data in a matter of minutes. Data Science tools not only help in the horizontal or vertical analysis of data but also cross verification of data obtained from varied sources in various formats.

All kinds of industries, from healthcare and marketing to manufacturing and education, are now using Data Science tools for various applications. A data scientist is a professional who has in-depth knowledge and expertise in Data Science methodologies, tools, and technologies.

Establish Your Professional Credibility with Data Science Certifications

Is the Data Science Certification Cost Worth It?

A data science course in Bangalore can be a tad heavy on your bank account now. But, in the long run, you will find that it’s definitely worth the investment as you will get good returns in terms of professional development. We can confidently tell you that the cost of a data science certification is definitely worth it

Futuristic Data Science Trends and Technologies

The field of data science has been evolving in leaps and bounds over the last decade. This growth has been both vertical and lateral. It means that this technology has been adopted by various verticals and horizontals for numerous applications. This field is advancing so fast that there’s a new technology development year after year. If we look at the pace at which data science technologies are developing, we can expect many new trends in the future. A few of the futuristic data science trends which we can expect to see are:

Speech Analytics 

Voice searches and voice-based applications have been rapidly developing in the last few years. An essential feature for improved performance of voice-based applications is speech analytics. We could see applications that are able to identify different intonations, amplitude, timbre, tempo, and pitch to gauge the speaker’s mood, emotions, and intent.

Data Management

The entire concept of data science is based on data management. But as new technologies develop and new challenges rise, scientists discover that we’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to data management. The future can see more efficient and effective methods of capturing, storing, and analyzing data.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is a technology that allows software applications to visually check, read, analyze, and inspect thousands of images in minutes. Computer vision programs may soon find applications in various industries, including education and agriculture.

Predictive Analytics

The possibilities of predictive analytics are endless. This technology is based on real and relevant data to deliver possible future results.

In-memory Analytics

In-memory analytics enables software systems to evaluate and analyze data in real time and deliver real-time results and predictions. It can help stakeholders make on-time decisions and enable faster reporting.

How Does Data Science Certification Help?

A data science certification gives you the knowledge, expertise, as well as confidence to chart a career path in this field. You will learn from the basic to the most advanced concepts in data science. Even if you are from a non-software background, this course will help you learn the essential concepts of coding required for data analytics. When you enroll in the best data science training in Bangalore, you will also benefit from one-on-one mentorship. You will learn the ins and outs of data science from experts who have decades of experience in this industry. The project-based learning methodology will also give you practical learning on the concepts and applications of data science.

Essential Skills to Become an Expert in Data Science

Corpnce offers data science courses, which will equip you with the essential skills required to become a data scientist. This course includes the following:

  • Data Science Toolkit
  • Data Visualization and SQL
  • Data Exploration
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Basics of Natural Language Processing
  • Introduction to Deep Learning and Computer Vision

How Corpnce helps build your Data Science career path?

Corpnce is a leading IT training institute that offers intensive Data Science training in Bangalore. Our teaching methodology is project based, which allows aspirants to learn the concepts of data science hands-on. Corpnce also offers placement support to meritorious and deserving students.

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