Corpnce has created multiple projects and high level products for in house research, thesis and client requirements. We have core data science team with years of experience creating products across multiple domains including finance, healthcare, technology, marketing, retail etc.
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Here are some of our work

  • Optimal UV ray skin cancer detection – As the latest project in R & D department of Corpnce, we tied up with four large cancer hospitals to collect customized UV ray scanned skin cancer images and combined with the skin cancer data of Stanford with 0.12 million skin cancer images to create a state of the art AI model that can detect skin cancer at 74% accuracy that can beat a trained dermatologists at whooping accuracy difference of 8%! We are using deep neural networks, CNN, GAN, Python, AWS and GCP for further improvements.
  • We have created a predictive model for a book selling start-up to identify its customer preference by analysing their historical transactions, sales, customer behaviour and product description using Natural language processing and Machine learning models.
  • Working with Meghalaya Govt. to improve their employee management and tracking workflows which is helping in increasing employee productivity.
  • Working with a Startup named Medcords (Digitisation of Prescriptions) which is working towards improving health facilities to citizens, tracking spreading diseases proactively and raising alarms using AI , machine learning.
  • Helping manage government tenders in oil and gas sector – building a subscription based open portal to track government tenders where user can provide multiple requirements like location, price, organisation, expertise and can also set up notification for the upcoming projects matching their requirements.
  • Twitter scraping and analysis – sentiment/ crowd behavior analysis.
  • Crawling E commerce websites for fashion forecasting.
  • Journalist helper desktop which helps in language translation, displaying trending news,font conversion, news articulation with Google vision API integration.
  • We have been part as well as architected the data platforms for companies like Hotstar, Helpshift, MedCords, Symantec, etc.
  • Using deep machine learning models to crack the captcha and we crawled ~100M data in 2 days.
  • Crawling social media data and perform sentiment analysis on the statements made by big celebrities, politicians or influencers. Current application crawls 1M tweets/day and so far, we have crawled around 50M tweets.
  • Every project is built on open sourced and massively scalable self managed infrastructure with tools like Hadoop, Spark, Tensorflow using automation tools like kubernetes, Ansible.