Top 10 Data Science Companies in India

Top 10 Data Science Companies in India

Over the recent years, the demand for Data Scientists has grown exponentially. Over 97,000 data science roles are open in 2019 just in India.

Many times people wonder if they must take up a certification course in data science.

But you must be wondering!

 Where do I apply next? Which are the top data science companies in India today?

In this article, we are going to talk about the Best Top 10 Data Science Companies in India.

Let’s get started!

Here’s the List of Top 10 Data Science Companies in India 2020:

  1. Amazon
  2. Oracle
  3. Wipro
  4. JP Morgan
  5. Mu Sigma
  6. Accenture
  7. Manthan
  8. Absolutdata
  9. Fractal Analytics
  10. Latent View


The first entry in the list, Amazon, would be the most desired company by millennials today. It is one of the top companies hiring data scientists in India.

Amazon provides professionals with unique opportunities to explore large and dynamic data projects. You will be responsible for projecting new insights, measuring current methodologies, and optimizing processes for increased efficiency.

To reach newer heights in Amazon’s Data Science division, you must be aware of big data solutions like Hadoop and other relevant frameworks.

Amazon has been constantly on the lookout for Data Scientist/Machine Learning engineers/data engineers.


Oracle, one of the best Data Science companies in India, has been helping brands and organizations understand their audience better with the help of data. Oracle considers data as wealth and transforms this data to be beneficial for organizations in every way possible.

Oracle admits that finding the right data science talent has been the biggest challenge for them today. If you’re good at data science applications and skilled with data visualization, you can apply here.

With Oracle you’ll be more than just an employee, you’ll be a part of a global team.


Wipro is one of the top 10 data science companies in India and has an entire division dedicated to data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. They call themselves a data-driven, intelligent enterprise that’s helping organizations grow two-fold by analyzing data in-depth and optimizing process for better results.

If you want to bring data to life and dive into a pool of opportunities, learn all the necessary tools and concepts of data science right away!

JP Morgan

JP Morgan, the data science legends in the finance department, solve challenges in the finance industry with the help of data science, research, and optimization techniques.

JP Morgan has a data science division that helps financial organizations resolve issues, improve user experience, and protect vital information.

Mu Sigma

One of the oldest players in the data science sector, Mu Sigma is still considered as a premium brand for data science, analytics, and intelligent solutions.

They call themselves a decision science company that’s helping top brands to accelerate decisions through data!


Accenture is a known brand and very few are aware that it is also a go-to brand when it comes to data analytics solutions.

Accenture serves a wide range of clients by helping them unlock powerful insights through data and increase sales and revenue.

You’ll be a part of a team of high-performers who are transforming business only with data.


Another data science firm that can’t be missed is Manthan! They have a unique approach when it comes to business solutions. They have combined the power of AI and analytics that gives data-driven insights of a business model.

They help businesses take informed decisions via stringent data analysis and technology.


With top organizations relying on Absolutdata today, this company has emerged to be one of the highly recognized data science firms in India today!

With over 300 data scientists in-house, Absolutdata has grown to become a powerful suite of Data-based, AI products.

Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics is another data science and technology based firm which has been using data and AI to solve tricky problems.

Fractal AI is India’s second largest data science firm with clients from healthcare, life sciences, financial services, insurance, technology, among other sectors.

Latent View

Latent View provides clients with a range of data science services like consulting, Data Architecture and Design, and data implementation and operations.

They are backed by scalable modern architecture. The work culture is friendly and growth oriented. They urge employees to see every aspect in three angles: team, customer, and society.

Top Companies Hiring Data Scientists

  1. Microsoft – 1,623 High-Level Data Employees.
  2. Facebook – 1,1307 High-level Data Employees.
  3. IBM – 1,245 High-level Data Employees.
  4. Amazon – 1,215 High-Level Data Employees.
  5. Google – 904 High-Level Data Employees.
  6. Apple – 385 High-Level Data Employees.
  7. Oracle – 306 High-Level Data Employees.

Top Data Science companies in India

JP MorganTCSAccentureDeloitte
Fidelity Business ServicesSplunkFlipkartWNS
IBMOlaMckinseyComprehend Systems
AmazonMusigmaStripeBig Basket
WiproBlue OceanEnterprise BotTransporter city
LatentviewMedia.netCiscoCartesian Analytics
HCLEdGE NetworksWalmart labsBridgei2i
CognizantZendrive[24]7.aiHansa Cequity
GenpactTarget CorporationBookmyshowTeg Analytics
Ctrl SCrayon DataSigmoidApplift
FacebookSocialCopsJiva adventuresCutShort
Yammer (Microsoft)ThoughtworksQuantiphi IncSigmoid
SigtupleMaruti SuzukiSquareHaptik
GEPBelongNiki.aiPalantir Technologies
LevelUpHaptikCrisp analyticsvPhrase
BrainasoftPinterestLead SquaredFractal Analytics
RivigoUberKhan AcademyFluid AI

City-Wise Top Companies List

Data Science Companies in Hyderabad

  1. Setuserv
  2. Hidden Brains Info Tech
  3. EzDataMunch
  4. Tectoro Consulting Pvt Ltd
  5. Miraki Technologies
  6. VitWit

Data Science Companies in Bangalore

  1. Sigma Data Systems
  2. HoC Solutions
  3. Fortunesoft IT Innovations
  4. Starkflow
  5. Coltfox Private Limited
  6. Focaloid Technologies

Data Science Companies in Mumbai

  1. OpenGeeks Lab
  2. Stratahive Services Private Limited
  3. Inspiratech Web Solutions
  4. Inn4Science
  5. Tacto
  6. Happiest Minds

Data Science Companies in Pune

  1. ScienceSoft USA Corporation
  2. Sphinx Solutions
  3. Noetic
  4. Quadlogix Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  5. Technofity Solutions
  6. WebNest Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Data Science Companies in Delhi

  1. Weboconnect Technologies Pvt Ltd
  2. SunTec Data
  3. StarTele Logic
  4. Winklix LLC
  5. Acropolis Infotech Private Limited

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