Do you need to retrain your current workforce with latest technologies but don’t know where to get quality skill building models, with end to end solution? Your search ends here. Corpnce offers industry leading tech skills with flexible options that is tailored to cater individual customer's demand.
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Services for Industry Partners

Skill building

- Up-Skilling/Re-Skilling
- Custom Syllabus for your Organization
- Soft Skill Development
- Project Based Learning
- Flexible Timings

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hire for higher

- Hire-Train-Deploy
- Train-Hire-Deploy
- Employee Management solutions
- Freshers Assessment

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Technical Consulting

- Expert Assistance for Projects
- Product Development
- On Location Workshops
- External R&D facility for projects

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keep growing

We help your workforce, develop new skills to add onto your organization and in turn help your company reach your goals.

Human resource Management

We can provide your organization with a steady flow of skilled individuals to assist you meet your organizational ambitions.

every penny matters

We value your investment. We ensure minimum 4X ROI for our clients.

Watch your future employees perform!

Unlike any other institute, we welcome industry leaders to evaluate and grade final projects prepared by students. This way student gets real time feedback on his skills and the industry can find the right talent.
Be a mentor to our students and help us sharpen their skill-sets.