What Skills Do You Need to Become a Data Scientist in 2020

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Data Scientist in 2020?

Data scientists are skilled professionals who know how to work magic with millions of bits of data. The trained data scientists don’t just collate, sort, and classify data. They also build algorithms based on various criteria to analyse the data obtained. In other words, in this world where everything is based on data, data scientists are the key players.

What Professional Experience Do Data Scientists Have?

Data scientists come from varied backgrounds and domains. This is because data analysts need to have a strong grasp of the domain as well as an expert knowledge of the data analytics tools.

A survey of the field of study or the background of the data scientists revealed the following approximate data:

Data Science

This data shows that data scientists come with professional experience in different fields. Based on the data, we can understand that only 18% of data scientists are from a computer science background. Most of them come from other backgrounds. They learn the essential programming languages as well as data analytics tools and techniques to start their career in this domain.

The following data is in terms of the programming languages that data scientists know and use:

Data Science

From the above data, we can infer that most of the data scientists use Python, followed by R and SQL.

Data Scientists Role

A data scientist may have to wear different hats based on the job profile. The job of a data scientist is more than just analysing the data and sharing the results obtained. He/she will also be responsible for building the machine learning algorithms used in data analytics. The scientist will also be expected to manage the software platforms and build data products. Above all, data scientists will be expected to use their expertise in their background domain and knowledge of the data analytics tools to identify solutions, streamline processes, and assist in enhancing the performance of the organisation.

What Skillsets Do You Need to Become a Data Scientist?

A study shows that there are more data scientists with PhDs when compared to other job roles. Also, more than 75% of data scientists have a master’s degree. It doesn’t mean that you need to have a Ph.D. or a Master’s degree to become a data scientist. This survey shows that professionals who are masters in their existing profession have decided to specialise in data science and build a career in this field.

The essential technical skills required for a data scientist are:

  • Working knowledge of programming languages such as Python, R, SQL, and Java
  • Knowledge of statistics and applied mathematics
  • Should know to leverage Hadoop, Spark, and other Data analytics tools
  • Know about SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Machine learning
  • Neural network
  • Deep learning frameworks – TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras

The essential soft skills for a data scientist are:

  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving skills
  • Curiosity
  • Desire to learn and explore the industry trends and developments
  • Teamwork

You can join the best Data Science Courses in Bangalore to equip yourself with all the skills and abilities required to become a data scientist. However, you need to take personal effort to imbibe the soft skills to perform well as a data scientist.

Data scientist career path in 2020:

The data obtained from a survey shows that almost 54% of data scientists have had the same position a few years earlier. 11% of data scientists from an analytics background. In 2018, the average professional experience of a data scientist in the field was around 4.5 years. In 2020, the average professional experience is around 8.5 years. Graduates or postgraduates from computer science, mathematics, and statistics background have the maximum opportunity of building a career in this domain.

What are the Job Opportunities in Data Science?

The job opportunities in data science are plenty. Graduates and working professionals interested in building a career in this domain can take up Data Science Classes in Bangalore. On earning the certification, aspirants can apply for different job profiles based on their expertise, experience, and professional goals. The various job profiles in this field are:

  • Analytics manager
  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Data architect
  • Research scientist
  • Data Statistician

What is the Salary Package of a Data Scientist?

The salary of a data scientist depends on the experience, company, location, and expertise. The average salary for a data scientist in India is around INR 7 lakhs per annum. With experience, professionals can earn up to INR 20 lakhs per annum.

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