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Technology is developing at a rapid pace and IT-based companies are fast adopting emerging technologies. However, the challenge is that most of the tech professionals don’t have working knowledge of the latest technologies such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. While there is a huge demand for professional skills in these domains, the fact is that there is a dearth in experts in these areas. Corpnce has identified this gap and is working to fill this technology gap. We are one of the best training institutes for Data Science and Machine Learning in Bangalore. Our intensive training programs are aimed at aspiring students, working professionals and businesses who want to take up technological courses and upskill themselves. Corpnce stands apart from the other training institutes as our focus is on practical project-based training. Our training doesn’t just have lecture sessions and written evaluations. We encourage our trainees to work on multiple projects, which will give them hands-on experience in applying the technologies in real-time cases. Also, our trainers are experts with industry experience. Our young and dynamic trainers are passionate about the technologies and aim to help you enhance your skills and knowledge of the latest technologies.

Do you know?

  1. 90% of upcoming tech in Gartner’s hype cycle 2019 is related to AI
  2. AI Will Create 2.3 Million Jobs in 2020, While Eliminating 1.8 Million
  3. We are only 10 years away from human level AI (AGI)
  4. Finance and Tech are the leading industries to accept AI in the world

Our Core features

IT Experts as Trainers

Corpnce has a team of young and dynamic trainers who have relevant industry experience.

Project-Based Learning

Our project-based learning methodology helps trainees leverage technologies in real-time situations in the work environment.

Technology Quotient

We are the 1st in India to come up with concept of TQ. It is a methodology to evaluate one’s future technology adaptability.

Placement Assistance

Corpnce has excellent placement assistance to help you get placed in the right job profiles.

Life-Long Access

Once a Corpncian always a Corpncian! Once you join us you always have access to again be a part of any batch at any point of time in future in the relevant discipline only.

Strong Alumni Network

With our ever-growing alumni network, it opens a world of opportunity for an individual from any walk of life.

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Nikilesh Vasist

CORPNCE is the best institute to learn about data science and machine learning and start your career as a Data scientist. Faculties are all professional data scientists. One can get a hands on experience on everything they learn here

Sanjith R

Corpnce is a great place to kickstart your Data Science career. The instructors here are very friendly and are always ready to help the students learn more. The course is highly recommendable.

Yashaswini Cr

Corpnce is one of the best institute to start your data science career from scratch be it from any domain you are , trainers are very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching things I would recommend it to all .

Syed Shabrez

Good place to start your Data Science career, Staff are fast paced energetic team of passionate people who lead the way and the absolute best .They teach problems/doubts in an generic examples.

Kiran Manjunatha

Suggestable place to start your venture in data science.

Aastha Agarwal

This is the best place to learn data science, awesome environment and very helpful people who encourage you in every step.

Harish Osthe

Corpnce.. is a best place to learn or update your skills in DataScience, Beginners like me who are weak in mathematics and programming… i would suggest… ‘Corpnce’

Priti Pinto

Corpnce is the best place to kick-start you career in Data Science

Abhijeet Singh

It has been an amazing experience to be a part of Corpnce Team. The kind of dedication and effort that comes from the trainers in making learning effective for each individual based on one’s capability zones is really commendable. Their passion is unparalleled. One will really get an idea of thinking out of the box to get the solution in your Data Science journey which is a big challenge, I guess. The best part is all the solutions to our question here comes with a real time example.

Nitesh Ranjan Panda

I am studying data science at corpnce technologies pvt ltd ,bangalore. . This is the best institute for learning data science . Trainers are real time experts and they make us understand in very simple language by giving real time examples and projects. They are available always for clearing doubts by phone , whatsapp or by visiting to the institute. Trainers are very good inspirations. If anyone want to make a bright future as a data scientist, I will surely recommend this institute for data science course.

Bhagwandas Yadav

To say the “Best” won’t be justified here because they try to deliver the excellence. No matter how dumb you seem , they just don’t simply give up on you until you get the things and try to make things really simple and fun at learning which makes you really passionate about this beautiful aspiration of becoming a “Data Scientist”…a big thanks to them….. cheers guys….!!!!

Sweta Pattanaik

Best place to learn… faculties are very friendly and helpful, if you stuck somewhere while learning They are there to help you .in any point of time. Data science can be learnt here only.. Grt environment.

Top Companies Hiring Data Scientists

Corpnce Offers Project- based Classroom Learning By Industry

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Corporate Data Science and Machine Learning Training

Data Science and Machine Learning are emerging technologies that find application in many sectors and domains. The demand for skilled professionals in these domains has been increasing over the last few years. Corpnce has an optimized syllabus and curriculum that is updated regularly based on advancements in the technologies. Our objective is to create a continuous learning system that will help professionals update themselves in the latest technologies. By empowering professionals with relevant knowledge and expertise, we aim to help enterprises and corporate companies enhance their productivity, performance, quality, and efficiency. At Corpnce, we provide corporate data science and machine learning training customized according to your company’s requirements. One of the biggest assets of any organization is its workforce. It is therefore, important to enhance the value of the workforce with regular training and development programs. Corpnce is the one of the best institutes for data science and machine learning training in Bangalore. We have a team of expert trainers who are well-versed in emerging technologies. Corpnce can organize internal training programs or regular workshops on the latest technologies such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. The first advantage of organizing training sessions is that you can upskill your team, which can open up many new opportunities for business. The second advantage is that by encouraging new learning, you are motivating your employees and building their loyalty. So, both ways, as a corporate company, you will definitely benefit.


Anant Mishra, Director of Business Operations - Liaison-IT INC.

One of the finest institutes in the domain of machine learning. Focused on ANI, this institute caters to concentrated learning modules and ensures learning is ushered with apt tutors, trained in their respective strengths.

Sum Hospital, Odisha

Corpnce has been instrumental in our endeavor to adapt data science to bring about paradigm shift in medical field.

Training candidates from Corporates