About Us

Corpnce Technologies Private Limited is an emerging technology start-up primarily into training, product and consultancy.

Currently, we are more focused on imparting professional training in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & other emerging technologies to an aspiring student, young working professionals and businesses to make their skills at par with the current requirement of the industry.

India is late in accepting latest technologies and by the time we can create quality man force, developed countries have already reached very high level in education and infra. We are the second highest producer of engineers in the world and first in producing unskilled ones! Corpnce was formed with a vision to bring the latest technologies to the general consumers both in terms of   education and product! We understand the behavior of Indian customers and our service is focused to add maximum values at minimal investment.


To be the best in training & creating ready to deploy human resources in the field of emerging technologies.


To leave a profound impact on human-kind with aid of Emerging Technologies.


  • To add continuous value in the current education system through high level content, research and innovation.To optimize and address weaknesses in workplace by thinning the boundary between intuition and data.
  • To strive for higher productivity, quality and efficiency in enterprises.To add substantial values to individuals and organizations through emerging technologies.
  • To stress to develop products that will respond to the changing world.To facilitate smooth transition to emerging technologies with minimal turmoil.

Our Team

Jyoti Ranjan Mishra

Chief Everything Officer (CEO) | Wizard of light bulbs moment - Chief People Officer & DS Coach

Jyoti manages day to day academic affair of the organization as a Chief Everything Officer along with playing the role of developing public relationship and also doubles up as Data Science coach.

Smutesh Mishra

VP of Misc. Affairs |Crayon Evangelist - Director of bean Counting & first Impressions

Smutesh takes care of administrative side and caters to the creative need of the organization. His role juggles around from accounting to taking care of varied affairs of the organization.

Debaki Nandan Pani

Director of sell anything and storytelling - Digital overlord & I-M-Possible Wizard & Investor

Nandan a wizard of marketing and can literally sell you anything. Creates strategy for the company and plays the role of chief visionary. When others say impossible, he says I-M-Possible


Core Member | Principal Data Scientist | Ex- Senior Data Scientist - Edge Networks

Mama Bear who bridges math, algorithms, experimental design, engineering chops, communication and management skills


Core Member | Training | B.Tech Civil Engg, BITS Pilani |Senior Data Scientist | E & Y


Core Member - Training | B.E | MBA - Marketing/HR | Data Scientist, TCS




Core Member - Data Scientist | Training & Product | B.Tech Civil Engg, BITS Pilani | Deep Learning & Design Thinking, IISC

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